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Financing concepts/construction financing

In addition to the creation or the procurement of a property – from the private freehold apartment to the commercial effective area - the right financing concept represents the basis for the successful implementation of every property project. 

Whether project developer, property developer or private property owner, an comprehensive stock analysis is essential before the actual financing is closed. All three target groups are pursuing very different interests, which in turn have to be taken into account in their type, scope, runtime and above all the security of the financing commitment.  

A reliable forecast of future market scenarios is not and will never be possible!
For this reason, only the basic principle may apply, that in every financing concept the so-called residual risk has to be calculated and presented as low and as clearly as possible.

In collaboration with strong partners such as banks and insurance companies, tax advisors and auditors and not least tax lawyers, we also produce the financing concept for your respective project, so that this too provides you with security. 


Private or commercial investors do not generally wish to participate in administration, rental, house administration and the retention of values of property. They focus primarily on the investment with the appropriate anticipated return.

In association with high-credit project developers and property developers, we are in a position to have the property matching your investment created at your desired location.

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