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Airport Immobilien Consulting

For more than 20 years, we have observed and analysed the general activities on the market in order to be able to prepare, accompany and implement projects for our customers. Here we stand for transparency, loyalty and discretion.

In addition to the traditional property business, our main fields of business include on the one hand the consultation and implementation of private and commercial property projects, and on the other the consultation on investment and/or financial decisions and their conceptual implementation.

We generate our success in association with architects, specialist laywers, tax advisors, auditors and not least with banks and insurance companies.


Like stock markets, property markets are not only volatile, but also repeatedly indirectly or directly subject to changes in legislation, in particular construction and tax legislation. However, project developers, investors and also private persons expect legal security from their commitment.

Therefore, professional support and consultation is essential!


Since the start of the last economic crisis, property investments have again become the focus of all investors.

Here professional consultation is more important than ever!

Financial services

Financing concepts are as diverse as the properties themselves. What may currently be the right concept can soon prove unsuitable.

Only experience, knowledge and foresight can also provide security for the future.


The location Frankfurt am Main Airport is the basis of our acitvities.
Whether the acquisition of business contacts, the search for a new company location, the creation of market analysis etc. – you can make our location advantages yours!

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