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Rhine-Main Economic region

The Rhine-Main region is one of the strongest economic regions within Europe. Here global players in automotive and automotive supplier industry, banks and insurances, the chemical industry right up to the aerospace industry and numerous other companies have their company headquarters or branches.

Along with being one of the largest airports in Europe, the Frankfurt am Main airport, the operator of which, Fraport AG, is also one of the biggest employers for the region, has one of the densest motorway and rail networks and the Rhine and Main waterways so important for European inland waterway traffic, meaning that the region is almost perfectly structured for national and international passanger and goods transport.

And that this does not have to exclude opportunities for local recreation and nature conservation can be experienced in the three large natural conservation areas Taunus (with the well-known Feldberg), Spessart and Odenwald. A glance at the geographical map above makes this particularly apparent.

In addition, the well-developed cycle and hiking routes along the banks of the Rhine and Main substantially increase the possibilities for leisure time recreation.